One day I asked the person that I spend most of my time with and knows me best to describe me in one word. She said Genuine and guess what…I agree. Prior to that I had never really thought about myself let alone try and describe myself. She broke it down for me said that no matter what it was I was feeling or how I was talking, writing or singing the one thing you can count on is me being genuine with you, me, the situation and everything running through and around  me. I felt proud and content knowing that someone who knows me well used a word held in such high esteem to label me. The more I thought about it the more clairity began to settle in. If I am sad I do not want to be anything other than sad. If I am mad I want to revel in the emotion till it reaches its highest peak. Like an elephant in must leave me to destroy, trample and demolish for its rage and only rage I want defining me (but dont worry that rarely happens). Most of the time you’ll catch me watching,pensive, looking, studying listening, learning all in the constant shaping of the two sides responsible for making, me. Defensive mechanisms are a critical part of my internal make up, ever-evolving so Im hard to beat. Life is a game of chess and knowing what your next two or three moves will be is what keeps me at ease. One thing you will never do is out think me. When death understands you as much as you understand death. Your life becomes enriched ,the end game worth more than  any amount of money, its priceless. Which leads me to the other part responsible in the making of me. An ultimate goal of mine is to become self-actualized. That in itself can lead me to write and write telling of what it means and why. Just know when the self is responsible for every action, every consequence, every thought, everything, period. Wether good or bad, right or wrong you have then becomed self-actualized and are virtually unbreakable. Being as such, means you welcome the outcome knowing that whatever it may be, you are prepared for. The answer or solution will always be… me. God set the moral compus the rest is up to… me. A self-actualized -man can be rich he can be poor, he can be a killer or a doctor your pastor or even your biological father. The one characteristic they will all share is having mastered themselves people seem to subconsciously recognize this because they will attrack people like a magnet.

“Master the self before you master anything else. The greatest tool, the greatest weapon, the answer and the truth all lies within you. Why go in search of something when the one thing that truly matters, you, doesnt even begin to resemble you” -R.D Valencia




One thought on “JUST A TASTE…

  1. I agree with your lady in that you are very genuine. I have known you for awhile now and even though I don’t spend the most time with you I have learned and experience the depth of who you are. In addition to genuine, I would also say you are a sincere man with a kind heart, but will not allow anyone to take advantage of him or his loved ones. I am honored to be your friend.

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